What applications are available?

Maple, Mplus, SPSS, and Stata are licensed for use in the virtual environment.

Who can use these applications?

The virtual environment is available for a select group of students needing statistical packages.

Will there be a charge to students for the use of these applications?

No, access to these applications will be available to all students free of charge.

How do I connect to the Virtual Lab?

1) Click on the "Get Citrix Workspace link on the left navigation menu of this website. Then download the latest version of Citrix Workspace for your Operating System:

2) Once installed, go to the home page of this website and click on the login button. You will then be prompted with a logon window. Login with your UM e-mail:

3) Once logged in, click Desktops->All Desktops on the left hand navigation menu:

4) Click on the "Research - Non Persistent" desktop to access the research applications:

5) After about 45 seconds to 1 minute you should see the Virtual Lab environment:

Will my work be saved on the Virtual Lab?

No, any work left on the virtual machine will be erased upon logout. Please use Google Drive, OneDrive, your local computer/USB drive to save any work.

Is there a timeout period when using the Virtual Lab?

Yes, after 15 minutes of inactivity the virtual machine will lock the computer, play an audible alert and begin a countdown. Once finalized, you will be logged out and any work not saved will be lost.

I'm getting a Windows Activation error, what do I do?

Please note: Windows activation might take longer than usual upon logon. If you see a message saying "This version of Windows could not be activated", please ignore the message and close the window to resume normal work. This does not impact the ability to run applications or save data on your own storage.